Posted on 12-jul-2017

Original Dampkring Coffeeshop

Here we will give you an idea of what dampkring can offer you while visisting in drinks and snack, that is kind of important to us, because after a smoke a drink and a small snack is never something we let go………
Dampkring Drinks:
Energy drinks
Organic Juices
Good Karma Drinks
Fresh Fruit Juices
Fruit Shakes
Fresh Fruit Milkshakes
Hot belgian chocolate
Dampkring Foods:
Spacial food
Sweets and Salts

A little explanatory about the dampkring menu:
i would like to give on some of the Dampkring bar menu items i have listed: When you see “hot belgian Chocolate” i really mean hot belgian chocolate, a stick with a big pure belgian chocolate cube on it….basically looking like a big chocolate lollypop, this chocolollypop you dip in hot milk so it desolves into the most delicious hot chocolate you have ever had. a definite must try when in Amsterdam.
Coffee, tea, smoothies, fruit juice, milshakes, energy and softdrinks hardly would need any explanation, but when it comes to good karma drinks i will explain myself; Good Karma drinks are drinks Dampkring has on their menu on which the manufacturer donates a percentage of their turnover to a good cause, hence the name good karma drinks, besides them being delicious fruit juices or damp-water you are also helping people out.
The Toasti’s are available in a variation of taste, but let’s be honest when you enjoy Amsterdam Coffee you also know what i mean with Munchies…….therefore t
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